About us

The Idea

Beautiful and unique gift wrapping to be used again and again. Made locally, by hand from excess textile remnants, UpWrap offers a stylish alternative for gift-wrap that is both sustainable and ethical.



The Team

Amber Testino is Managing Partner of www.artpartner.com and has been an agent for artists in fashion for twenty-five years. She brings to the project her business and creative networks along with a life long passion for sustainability and celebratory gift-giving. UpWrap will team up with World Land Trust donating a portion of each sale to World Land Trust, for the preservation of virgin forests.



The Problem

Today’s gift-wrapping paper creates excessive waste and pollution. Unfortunately, most contemporary gift-wrap is made from virgin paper, plastics and toxic dyes. It is used only once and a vast majority of it is not recyclable, so is destined for landfill. Even if there were to be a shift to using recyclable materials, the single-use “linear” nature of wrapping paper (as well as the plastic tape and synthetic ribbons) means that waste is inevitably built into the system.



Our Solution

UpWrap offers brands and textile manufacturers a socially and environmentally beneficial way of using over stock and off cuts, thereby diverting them from landfill or burning while at the same time mitigating costs of waste disposal. By donating over stock to UpWrap, brands have an opportunity to lower their own net-waste, help combat waste from traditional paper gift-wrap, and offer meaningful employment to textile workers who may not otherwise be able to provide their families with income.

UpWrap gifting linens are part of the gift. They are made to be given, and given again; and to be treasured along the way as we would treasure our best bed linens or our fine table linens. In addition to creating a desirable, beautiful and simple wrapping solution, UpWrap offers customers the choice to make a positive impact through this buying choice.


We are aware of the overwhelmed health care systems and widespread shortages of medical supplies due to COVID -19 and we would like to help. We are mobilising to make and distribute fabric face masks in response to this emergency and we would appreciate your assistance!

Brands, Please donate any over-stock or off-cuts of light to medium weight cotton or other light-weight breathable, washable fabric.

Makers, Calling on anyone with a sewing machine; students, designers, grandmothers to help make masks to help sew masks at home.

Creatives, Please help share the message: post these requests @Up.Wrap, share the message  #IWearMyMask .

Besides washing hands, the number one way to stop the spread of COVID -19 is by wearing a protective face mask. We will be selling face masks with 100% of proceeds in April being donated to the production of additional face masks which will be donated to communities at risk. Every purchase will make a difference to the cause.

“Widespread use of nonmedical masks could reduce community transmission. But recommending their broad use could also cause a run on the kind of masks that health care workers desperately need.” -- The New York Times, April 1, 2019

You can donate fabric, see our mask making tutorial, volunteer to sew and organizations may place a request for mask donations by emailing us at info@upwrap.co.uk or DM us on Instagram @Up.Wrap.